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Anna & Nate - June 8, 2019

Anna and Nate.

Where do we start with these two? These guys are like the most laid back, easy going, down to earth people ever. I met Anna a couple years ago through a mutual friend, and when she asked me to photograph her wedding I was like, umm duh. Anna is the type of lady who is ALWAYS smiling and she’s got one of those infectious smiles that when you see her smiling, YOU HAVE TO SMILE. It’s like a weird gravitational magnetic phenomenon – I don’t know guys, I’m a videographer, not a scientist.

Last fall, I asked Anna and Nate if they’d like to have an engagement session so that they (read: Nate) could get more used to being in front of the camera. They agreed (reluctantly, I later learned from Nate!) and we spent a chilly October morning taking some photos with the two of them and their pupper, Logan. It was easy from the beginning. I joke around with my clients during sessions because it makes them relax, and Nate laughed at all my jokes. I was like YES. THIS ONE IS A WINNER.

Their wedding day was a perfect late (laaate) spring day in the PNW. Blue skies, warm temps, and all the other things photographers pray not to happen on wedding days. SHADOWS. All the shadows. It was clear from the beginning how tight these guys are with their friends, and it was all together an epic day. I will say the dancing was phenomenal.

Congratulations, Anna and Nate!

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