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It's Wedding Season!

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

We filmed our first wedding of the season last week and it was emotional and beautiful and wonderful and man, it feels GOOD TO BE BACK!

As a small business owner in an industry that *generally* operates from late spring - early autumn, I realized last week that I was suddenly nervous for the first wedding of the season! I didn't feel unprepared or anxious about the wedding itself; more so about jumping back in to wedding season entirely!

The last wedding I filmed was in September of 2018, so seven months ago! Of course, in the interim I had several film projects and was able to do some traveling with my husband and friends in SE Asia, but no weddings in that seven month time period.

So as I drove to film my first wedding of the season, I was nervous and so excited! It feels so good to be back in the game and this was the perfect wedding to dive back in! Lisa and Nathan were the absolute sweetest. The wedding was beautiful and intimate and so emotional and several times I found myself weepy. It rained during the first look, but after that the skies cleared and the evening was beautiful.

Cascadia Pizza fed all the guests and let me tell you -- I LOVE PIZZA. And this pizza did not disappoint. They even did a dessert pizza, which what? I know. I wasn't ready! I wasn't ready for that. Definitely some of the best wedding food ever. I generally try to take a little nibble of dessert home to my husband after every wedding, and I was able to take a couple of the amazing cupcakes from this wedding home. Of course, I proceeded to drop one into my garden while I was unlocking the front door which led to me just weeping softly in the rain on my front porch. As you do, when you lose a cupcake.

Regardless of the cupcake loss, it was a perfect day and a perfect night and I couldn't be happier to have been a part of this beautiful story. Congratulations Lisa & Nathan!

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