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Welcome to


filmmaker in greater Sydney

Based out of

Sydney, Australia,

Oleta Lane Films

is a small, woman-owned

business that specialises in

birth, wedding, event, and small-to-medium business promotional films.

We love what we do,

and truly believe in the emotive power of filmmaking.

What makes us different?

Oleta Lane Films

is all about creating films that

are creative, non-invasive,

authentic, and real-life.

For our birth series,

our goal is to establish a rapport with you (and your partner), so that when the time comes for delivery, we aren't strangers, but another pillar of support for you.

For weddings,

our goal is to be invisible 

(unless you need us!),

and to capture everything

from the tiniest details to the biggest moments on the

best day ever.

For product + small businesses,

we are your #1 fan, your creative assistant, with a stream of ideas, innovative notes, and a quick turnaround.

If you're after more than just film, we also specialise in wedding, birth, family, product, and architectural photography.

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