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Hello Baby!

birth film & PHOTO Series

What is the Hello Baby! birth film and photo series? 

It's really just what it sounds like! 

The standard Hello Baby! package includes a short, tasteful film (4-5 minutes) of your birth experience,

as well as an online gallery of digital images taken throughout the labour and delivery of your baby.

It's a good way to go above and beyond the experience of just birth photos,

so you can look back on the film portion to relive bub's arrival for years to come.

Kendall goes on-call for you officially at 38 weeks, and arrives at either your home or the hospital once active labour has begun. 

She stays until baby is born, capturing those first precious, sleepy moments within the first hour or so.

The comprehensive Hello Baby! package includes filming throughout your pregnancy,

at events like your baby shower or gender reveal, 

as well as a newborn film session in the comfort of your own home,

to ultimately provide you with a legacy mini-documentary.

This is an optional add-on. All standard Hello Baby! packages include just labour and delivery.



Hello Baby! is all about you and your journey, and as such, none are ever the same. 

Check out our latest Hello Baby! reel below to get a taste. 


"The more I watch it the more I fall in love with it. You did a great..amazing out of the world job capturing lifetime memories for us. I really can't thank you enough in words." - Preetika

Check out the Hello Baby! families below for an idea of what your highlight video could look like,

or message us directly for further examples.

Baby Adams | October 27, 2019

Holly and Denero anticipate the arrival of their long desired first baby, due in October 2019.

"It's crazy to watch her come out again. So emotional. It's perfect. Definitely crying, thank you so much. So beautiful." - Holly

Baby Rausch | October 5, 2019

Crystal and Matt, along with big sister Olivia, eagerly anticipated the arrival of a new baby! Without finding out the sex of the baby in advance, it was a big surprise for everyone!

"It's crazy to see the footage from the OR since I couldn't see any of that. Wow. This is just so good. We are speechless and so grateful. Thank you so much." - Crystal

Baby Koepnick | August 11, 2019

BriAunna, along with her husband Chad, and son Max, welcomed the much anticipated arrival of a baby girl in August! 

Baby Oliver | August 2, 2019

Sarah and her husband Ben, along with big brother Cooper, welcomed baby boy Oliver via emergency C-Section early in the morning on a beautiful, August day.


"We are so incredibly lucky to have found you; you have allowed us to create so many amazing memories, thank you

so, so much." - Sarah

And some of our favourites from our Hello Baby! newborn sessions:

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