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Sometimes the best way to connect with potential clients is to let them see you, hear you, and connect with your story.

small businesses

Small businesses like Kopella Day Spa, Nobility Leadership, Sweet P Beauty, The Hollow Sloth, and Island Consulting & Training have used our services to produce social media and website film content that they use to get customers and clients excited about their story and the services they offer!

product photography & videography

Our goal with product photography and videography, is to give your business a fresh batch of eye-catching content that you can use specifically for social media. We've mainly worked with local artists and boutiques, but are always looking for more opportunities to be creative and to create!

creative content + music videos

We love producing creative content!

These are always some of our favourite projects.

We produced the first film here for Earth Day 2020.

The second is a creative take on a song that we felt simply fit the bill regarding COVID-19.

poetry films

Authors like Conrad Wesselhoeft have used our services to breathe film into the reading of his beautiful poems. Poetry films offer viewers a visual stimulus to accompany poetic verse. 

The poems featured here are Martha, a beautiful tribute to the passenger pigeon that is now extinct, and Polar Banjo, a chilling tale of the Endurance's sinking in Antarctica. 

This poem, Your Best, reminded me of my nieces and all of the amazing children I've met and know. This poetry film was put together to help inspire.

"Your Best" Excerpt from 'Suzie Bitner Was Afraid of the Drain' by Barbara Vance.

book trailers

Book trailers are one of our favourite projects to work on. As Kendall is a writer (as well as an editor/videographer), breathing life into a book trailer is something she's super passionate about. We have access to a stock footage library, so even if you're not sure where to start, we can brainstorm together!

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