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The Hello Baby! Series — What Is It?

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

What exactly is the Hello Baby! series? We’re getting this question a lot.

Hello Baby! is a personalised creation for your family that produces a legacy tailored to your pregnancy journey. When all is said and done, you will be left with a mini documentary (20-30 minutes in length) that captures moments throughout your pregnancy (such as a baby shower, family time together, a gender reveal), as well as labour and delivery, and a newborn session with your sweet new bub. This mini-documentary will be provided to you by a private link, available for you to share with your nearest and dearest.

The gorgeous Oliver Family has given us permission to share the link to their mini-documentary.

Also included in the Hello Baby! package is a short, social media highlight video (3-5 minutes) that gives others a tasteful and personal look into what made your journey yours. This is the perfect video to send to relatives near and far to help them meet your newest family member.

Lastly, all Hello Baby! packages include an online gallery of edited photos from your labour and delivery, as well as a newborn session.

The Oliver Family - Labour & Delivery
The Oliver Family - Newborn Session

What makes it unique? Hello Baby! gives you a film to pass on to your children, and your children’s children. Kendall, the founder of Oleta Lane Films and the Hello Baby! series, spends time with you and your family throughout your pregnancy, developing a real-life friendship so that when the time for labour and delivery comes, she is not a stranger, but a friend and another support system for you and your family.

Kendall, ready to go into the operating theatre!

What if I don’t like being filmed?

We promise – it’s not like that. It’s very casual, very organic, and very relaxed. Kendall’s primary goal is to make sure you and your family members are comfortable with her before there’s any filming. A meeting for donuts and coffees with the entire family, a trip to the park to chat about your pregnancy, lunch at a local café – these are things that are done before a camera even comes out.

More likely than not, Kendall is going to come out from behind the camera multiple times throughout your pregnancy. She’s going in for dog cuddles at your home or she’s going in for a glass of champagne at the baby shower. She’s someone you can text at midnight because you’re up again for hundredth time and wondering which coming home outfit is cuter. She's holding your hand during your labour if your partner needs a quick coffee break! At the end of the day, making sure you and your family feel comfortable and relaxed is all that matters.

Big Brother meets Baby Brother!

We do have an option for Hello Baby! that is labour and delivery photos only. While we LOVE photos during labour and delivery – it is not the same product as the Hello Baby! complete series.

Hello Baby! packages begin at $3,000 AUD, and can be broken up into as many as five payments. Photo only packages begin at $2,000 AUD (and include a newborn lifesty. Kendall goes on call (and we’re talking 24/7 here) for your delivery at 38 weeks. Because of this, bookings are limited and completely revolve around the due dates that we have booked.

We hope that helps give a clearer insight into what exactly the Hello Baby! series really is, and why we love it so much!

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